Agrochemical Plant - France

Agrochemical Plant - France
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Agricultural chemicals
Novasep assists you in the whole value chain of your agrochemicals and provides the services of enthusiasts and process excellent.
We live chemistry - from laboratories to industrial scale production. Your needs and needs are our focus, and we provide customized solutions based on a variety of assets and technologies, such as chiral molecules, chemicals, and The process requires complex safety precautions.


Novasep develops safe and efficient synthetic routes and reliably transfers chemical processes to dedicated pilots or production plants for agri-active and intermediate products. We focus on solving your needs and requirements: Our experienced chemical engineering team is your service and we are fully equipped with flexible assets to assist with the delivery. Develop and expand your needs. We can produce your original quantities from laboratory development to production for your fieldwork for example.


The development and industrialization of an agrochemical intermediate or activity represents a complex work process. Our project managers are with you, always focus on the product through every step of the project in terms of quantity, quality, duration and cost. They ensure effective internal coordination and ensure simple and transparent communication and reporting on all aspects of the project.
Novasep also operates unique chiral technologies, including the production scale of Varicol® (Novasep's improved SMB chromatography), to address the need to convert a racemic intermediate or active to cleanse enantiomers in socks. both the scale. Chromatography is the fastest way to generate pure isomers from kilograms to tons of scale, to speed up field studies. Choosing asymmetric chromatography or asymmetric synthesis is dependent on the ability to recycle unwanted isotopes in the process.
In addition, we also provide additional services such as developing analytical methods, finding materials, initial pricing guidelines, safety assessments, REACH support, subscription campaigns and more. .

Cooperation to produce contracts
Novasep has 30 years active in the production of active ingredients and intermediates for the leading chemical companies. Our experience in handling high-energy compounds and in the production of nitrogen-rich intermediates and heterocycles is excellent and well-established. Our chemical specialty has been proven and challenged in our daily operations and we work hard to continue to contribute and add value to your project on a continuous basis.
 We provide multi-step aggregation of agricultural intermediates and operations with volumes ranging from several hundred to several thousand tons. Our operations comply with the European Plant Protection Association (ECPA) and Direction of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to prevent cross-contamination.
We aim to build lasting relationships with our customers based on continuous improvement, to approach smarter processes than ever before by using reliable and affordable raw materials. To assist you throughout the life of the product, we offer:

(general) programs to improve the supply chain management process
Novasep's procurement department has great experience in organizing the most stable supply chain with the best prices for raw materials to meet your requirements. For this purpose, we specialize in sourcing, located in Europe and in our Shanghai (China) platform, the network management of the approved suppliers for durability and cost reduction. prefer.
Novasep operates multipurpose workshops and factories from a pilot scale to a commercial scale, including facilities for the production of agricultural chemical active ingredients.
We can supply volume from kilogram to thousands of tons every year.
Our global reactor capacity is 450 m 3 for intermediate products and for livestock farms.
Refer to our chemical technology section for more information on our wide range of chemical reactions.

Specific equipment
Our specific equipment includes versatile plants equipped to run a wide range of hazardous chemicals including: azide chemistry for the production of nitrogen-rich compounds and a variety of heterocycles; a gas mixer for high speed in gas reaction; as well as T6 ATEX devices for explosive gas and carbon disulfide. We are also equipped to use and produce odor.
Our ability in chiral technology includes asymmetric syntheses and chromatography separations. They promote cost-effective routes for intermediate production and pure activity. Specifically, chiral chromatography allows the separation of enantiomers (active, intermediate or derivative) of 1000 tons per year in a continuous process.

SS / GL in different sizes
Standard operating temperature is from -15 to +145 ° C
Total chemical and agricultural chemicals> 450 m 3
Gas mixers
Reactors specially designed for high-energy reactants (azide chemistry)
Atex T6 (CS 2)
Ozone dissociation
Some reactors were freezing at -40 ° C and -60 ° C
The columns have a Sulzer-style structure with a maximum of 30 NTPs
Split columns
Screening of thin / short films
Distillation up to 240 ° C
Close to custom solvent recycling company
Filtration and drying
Centrifuge (SS, Titanium, Halar, Ebonite, Hastelloy)
Pressure Nutches, Filters and Dryer Filters (Hastelloy, Stainless Steel)
Stainless steel dryers and glass liners
Waste treatment
On-site treatment for liquid waste and exhaust
Responsible waste disposal and cost savings through local chemistry platforms

Tank farms, some specialized (for example, to store NaCN in solution)
Liquid and liquid feed (truck / train)
Dry coupling technology
Storage and recovery tower AlCl 3 for the Friedel Craft reaction
Special tank for Br 2
Liquid and solid packaging equipment

Other product
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