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Copper Anodes - Production - Technology & Equipment Germany
For the production of copper anodes of Germany the group offers two different systems. The "Anode Casting Wheel" standard as well as the advanced "ANTILANOD ®" anode. Although the anode insulation wheel is the standard copper anode casting system with a large number of worldwide applications and low investment, the CONTILANOD ® system offers the advantage of an anode shape and an overall polarization. sound.

Casting Anode
The most common system for producing copper anode
Anode casting wheel is the most common engineering system used to produce copper anodes. They are easy to operate and are characterized by a degree of process stability.
Furthermore, when designing and manufacturing the machine, we ensure reliable operation, high availability and minimal operating costs. The SMS group's default anode wheel is the important topic of weight tolerance and automation.
The SMS group's default anode wheel is the important topic of weight tolerance and automation. The three-point balancing system has been proven in the sprue-cooled injection equipment as required to dynamically adjust the mold temperature and spray system to stabilize the process ensuring our user castings. is an important technological advantage. Due to the increased uptime of worn parts, high costs and high automation levels, process costs are minimized. This is the basis for high efficiency production. Modular design architecture allows for high flexibility according to customer requirements and the creation of appropriate systems. The bracket can be selected for both vertical and horizontal directional anode packages for removal via forklifts or cranes.

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CONTILANOD ® is a continuous casting technique with an anode, using a Hazelett horizontal flywheel. The anode produced during this process is characterized by high metallic homogeneity of the microstructure to full anode content. Other main benefits are the flatness of the anode, its geometry accuracy and its high weight balance. The CONTILANOD ® anodes are not washed out and unevenly surface and thus significantly increase the cost of electrolysis.
• The complete plant includes a foundry
• Very flat anode without washing
• Factory includes: Continuous casting factory for copper anodizing, Furnace, Continuous casting machine Type HAZELETT Moving saw machine, Cooling tunnel, Automatic stacking equipment

Anode weight 366 kg
Workpiece length 972 mm
Width of 932 mm
Workpiece thickness 45 mm
Casting speed 4.5 m / min
Capacity of 100 t / h

With anode coil casting from SMS group, factory operators benefit from
 tight tolerance of anodes
 reduce the process cost through the dynamic temperature control mold
 powerful technology - durable and low maintenance
 On-demand and demand-driven automation concepts
 flexible adaptation to individual requirements as well as existing structures and facilities  factory-modified concepts



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