Equipment & Technology,Vegetable Oil Pressing –Switzerland

Equipment & Technology,Vegetable Oil Pressing –Switzerland
Thiết bị & công nghệ , sản xuất , Ép dầu thực vật – Switzerland

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When it comes to rapeseed preparation, Bühler is a natural partner of choice for processing soybeans, canola, sunflower and corn. The company offers high availability technology, ready for low downtime to prepare rapeseed before extraction. Bühler works closely with manufacturers of press systems and extracts to provide Complete solution, capacity exceeding 15,000 t / 24h. Products include grain handling, scales, cleaning, conditioning, cracking, removal and cleaning of equipment.
Bühler also provides processing technology and shell processing and extracting technology. The combination of proven reliability, advanced technology and Bühler's comprehensive services will minimize your total cost of ownership and maximize your productivity.

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