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Valmet’s fiber technical know-how offers a chain of intelligent, integrated and complete processes for chemical and mechanical pulping and recycled fiber processing to ensure that the desired final product quality can be produced from all known fiber raw materials.
As pulp manufacturers look for ways to improve process efficiency and business profitability, they are turning to intelligent automation solutions and services from Valmet.


  • A successful project with innovative customized solutions

    A challenging project became a resounding success, thanks to meticulous planning, follow-up and consensus in the project team. Innovative customized solutions made it possible to dismantle the old filters and install a new wash press in the existing premises rapidly and smoothly.
  • Consistent pulp quality optimizes the process

    Cleaner pulp, higher, more consistent quality and reduced maintenance. These are some of the results since SCA’s liner mill in Obbola brought its new cooking plant into operation in 2015.
  • Flexibility for the future

    To meet increasing product requirements and enhance safety, SCA Ortviken paper mill in Sweden installed a RoboCoiler pulp bale dewiring machine. The results have been excellent from several key perspectives. With a flexible process and improved working environment, the mill is ready for the future.
  • Klabin's PUMA pulp project: largest private investment in Brazilian Paraná state

    The construction of a large-scale pulp facility is not an easy task. A greenfield project includes tonnes of equipment and thousands of people, from the project design phase to groundbreaking works, erection, commissioning, and the final start-up process. The key is to successfully gather different stakeholders from multidisciplinary teams.
  • PeriVapor brings greater profitability to Hansol HomeDeco, South Korea

    In March 2017, Hansol Home Deco in South Korea installed the Valmet Mechanical steam separator (PeriVapor) directly after the Valmet defibrator on the mill’s line for Core fiber production.
  • Irving leaps forward with Valmet CompactCooking

    When Irving Pulp and Paper of Saint John, New Brunswick, on the Atlantic coast of Canada, started up its new continuous pulping operation in March, 2016, it was a milestone in the Canadian pulp and paper industry. The two-phase modernization project for the bleached kraft pulp mill represented the largest investment in the Canadian industry since 1993.

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