Plate production line (rockwool). Heat insulation + fireproof) .Talia.

Plate production line (rockwool). Heat insulation + fireproof) .Talia.
Equipment supply and technology transfer
Mixing, preserving and balancing raw materials for the wool production line
Storage, mixing and balancing systems are located at the head of the stone wool production line.
From the melting of the blend of materials (mainly basalt and dolomite), they are made from stone wool fibers with suitable fibrous systems.
It is possible to add some slag (such as blast furnace, copper), various additives to obtain a "biological" fiber and a proper disposal of the waste.
Storage systems, mixing and balancing of materials include: a series of hoppers for storage and accumulation of materials (basalt, dolomite, slag, briquettes, coke), weighing, feeding system that transports the mixture to the furnace.


Melting furnace for stone wool production line
The melting furnaces are used in stone wool mills, allowing for the incorporation of raw materials. Gamma Meccanica SpA recommends two types of melting furnaces:
Cupola (coke) machine Electric
Cupola, the first melting pot
The dome uses the burning of coke and hot air to melt the mixture of ingredients that turns it into melting.
The molten stone is converted to stone wool.
This type of furnace has a main body consisting of special high temperature steel ("steel for boilers"), melting at high temperatures, and the body of the furnace cooled by water. The cooling liquid circulation occurs with the natural circulating system without pump pumping, making the system even safe in the case of black rays. No need for emergency power generation systems. Some parts are wrapped in special refractory (xiphon, liquid outlet etc.).
The main advantages of this dome are:
Can be turned on / off for a short time;
Reduce costs and maintainability;
Recycling capacity of the production line turns it into briquettes;
High flexibility.
The Gamma Meccanica SpA boilers are designed for a capacity of 1.5-2 ton / hr to 12 t / h (finished).
Electric welding machine, the second type of melting furnace
Gamma Meccanica SpA also supplies electric cookers.
The melting of the material is obtained by electric energy generated by the electrodes immersed in the melting layer. The main advantages of power cutters for the stone wool production line are: the use of electricity instead of coke; It is possible to recycle all types of waste (without turning them into briquettes), low energy consumption and efficient melting.


Smog and dust filter for stone wool production line
Smoke systems and dust filters ensure compliance with emission limits in accordance with current regulations and recover a large portion of the thermal energy available in the exhaust. Attention to the environmental impact of the mineral wool factories, Gamma Meccanica SpA always prioritizes development and application on efficient smoke and dust filtration systems.
Incinerator for stone wool
The combustion system to be installed for the treatment of exhaust gases is designed to: combustion by high temperature oxidation, with appropriate residence time, organic pollutants (CO, H2S, VOC, C , etc.). Heat energy recovery of the gas to warm the air in the process.


Fiberizers, yarn machines for stone wool production line
The fiber or spinning machine is the technology heart of the system, it turns the fiber into a fiber. According to customer needs Gamma Meccanica SpA can provide the following alternatives:
Spinning machines;
High-performance, high-performance camera;
Double tractors.
Spinning machines
In traditional spinning machines for the manufacture of stone wool, the number of discs can range from 2 to 4 (depending on the production capacity required) and transmission of motions from the motor to the main shaft occurs through special wire.
Camcorders, depending on the disc number, are ideal for small and medium capacity for high reliability and easy maintenance at reduced cost.
High performance hydraulic filament
The high performance aerodynamic accelerator (or fiber machine) is the result of Gamma Meccanica's 30 years of experience supported by modern design tools (aerodynamics, finite element calculations). ... and cooperation with universities, research centers and pilot plants. The goal is to achieve high capacity with very high quality (length, diameter, elasticity, compression ...). Machines have reduced in size because the motors that move the spindles are attached to them: the result is that we have a constant, constant airflow that does not disturb, causing the distribution of the plastics. The head in the plastic chamber is very uniform, with very low density.
Aerodynamic aerators with a maximum capacity of 7.5 t / h, thanks to advanced mechanical solutions and high reliability, allow us to produce lightweight, ultra-lightweight products. up to 25 kg / m3.
Spinning machines
Dual cameras are the solution used by Gamma Meccanica for manufacturing plants with capacities ranging from 9 to 12 t / h. In order to ensure high efficiency and productivity, the two camcorders are designed to work in tandem. In this way, the solute can be dispersed and scattered by both fibrosis at the same time, then collected in a chamber formed.

Established room for stone wool production line
Formed chambers are part of a downstream plant that rotates from where the yarn is collected to form materials in what is termed "main feel": the fibers are blown off the machine that will spin and split. removed from the heavy load (photo), sprayed with adhesives (phenolic resin, acrylic or ecological resin), then deposited through vacuum on a special conveyor belt.
The shape and aerodynamic study of this part of the plant is very important (with sharp machine) to ensure the high efficiency of the process and the uniform distribution of fiber in the initial induction ensures high quality. of the final product. In fact, there are different classes of primary touch (distributed on the main chain by the pendulum) that make up the final product depending on the required density.
According to customer demand and factory capacity, Gamma Meccanica SpA offers two types of chamber formations: Triangle forming chamber, Chamber drum. .

Hairdressers, yarn-orientated units for stone wool
Bending machines are special units for fiber orientation, which are installed in front of the oven. By working in the direction of the fibers the crimping improves the mechanical properties of the final product. Vertical alignment causes high mechanical strength and decomposition strength. Tensile strength in the direction of thickness increases from 5 to 10 times, which is a very important feature for boards that are used outside of buildings / structures. At the request of specific customers, Gamma Meccanica SpA can provide two types of bending:
Traditional crimping with rollers;
Crimping with belts and pre-crimping.
Crimping with roller or with belt
The crimping with the roller includes a double roller conveyor, the lower part of the machine is fixed and the upper part is adjusting the height.
Belt harnesses include four pairs of work areas that ensure fiber re-orientation in a confined area and identifies, giving different characteristics to different products depending on requirements.

Kiln for stone wool production line
The curing oven is used for the polymerization of binder contained in the felt, by hot air, to give the final product its density and shape.
Gamma Meccanica SpA has developed a new oven to polymerize the sensation on the stone wool production line, completely redesigned to improve maintenance and increase machine efficiency (reduce energy consumption).
Main features of the oven
The curing ovens are suitable for working on the final product with a width of up to 2500 mm (net width after trimming).
Maximum open space for maintenance between conveyors is 500 mm. Maximum work height is 300 mm.
Thanks to the engineering research and simulation / simulation of FEM software, the deformation of the material during processing is minimized, ensuring the required tolerances of the finished product.

Cutting unit for stone wool production line
The cutting unit is used to complete the production process, cutting the product to the required size. Cutting units include the following groups:
Cut and trim edges; Thick strip; Cross unit.
All Gamma Meccanica SpA cutters use a "dust free" rotating blade at very low speed. This ensures accurate and clean cutting without abnormalities, greater productivity of the line (no waste of cutting material), and does not require any type of vacuum system and related filtration.
Pruning machine
The trimmer parts are used to cut the stone wool, after the furnace and cooling, on both sides to reach the final width and have a smooth finish.
The machine is designed to grind the waste after cutting: the ground is brought to the chamber formed to mix with the new fiber.
The material does not pass through the fan, so they are highly durable. It can also be used for properly designed conveyors.
Vertical slit unit
Vertical slitting units are used to make the material to have the final product to the required size. Cross cutting and / or high speed cutting machines
Transparent units are used to cut the product at the required length.
Plates of density are usually cut with rotary saw blades with one or two cutting heads, cut clean, dusty or abnormal. Guillotine cutting is used for mild or non-plastic cleaning, at high speed of the production line, where the cut-off quality of the cut is not a problem.
In both cases, there is no dust in the cutting process.
Thick strip
The thick band saws are used to produce two or more layers of sheets from a single piece, cutting it to the thickness. The advantage of this procedure is that it reduces the operating speed of the line and achieves lower density and density

Hot tube for stone wool production line
(On the face of the insulating material)
The heated rollers are used to couple stone wool products with different facing materials (such as kraft, aluminum and glass) used as barriers to vapor and dust.
Depending on the facial material used (with or without pre-plastics), the bonding occurs with the electrolyte roller dissolving the plastic film, or it may occur at lower temperatures. with the addition of acrylic glue or glue stick to the water base. Face can be made only at the bottom of the product or on both sides.


Conveyor for stone wool production line
The unloading machine is the production unit of the wool factory installed before packing.
The sheets once cut to size are ready to be stacked and packed.
Main features of the loading and unloading machine
Main Features of the Gamma Meccanica Book Stacker: High efficiency (stacking speed and package height) high automation; Low maintenance; Machine installed in the line, the product can go through the unit when not required to stack operation (for example with coil feel).
Arrange different widths and lengths without any intervention for adjustment or setup. The stacking starts from the bottom (one layer is inserted under the other) with one device. special.
The number of layers and height of the stack can be adjusted from the control system.


Winding machine for stone wool production line
The rollers are designed and manufactured by Gamma Meccanica SpA Automatic Mattress or Mattress. Operators can choose the compression ratio suitable for the type of product, so the software ensures perfect uniformity, compression and rounding of the roll. Machine "wrapping" automatically rolls from the outside with a plastic film or paper.
A special heating system rolls it close at the top. Depending on the type of plastic film, the cover may be either partially or completely.

Packing unit for stone wool production line
Packaging units are the last part of the mineral wool production line.
The production process ends with the packaging material.
Gamma Meccanica SpA recommends different packaging systems to meet the needs of our customers.
At the stacker discharge the packets are automatically wrapped in polythene and thermoshrinked.
In packaging the packaging, depending on the density, can be compressed, reducing its volume, thus reducing the shipping cost.
Once the package is wrapped, they can be stacked automatically on the pallet by a human robot. Due to either an expanded packaging machine for the film, it is also possible to complete the packaging of the package. Packaging units can also be completed with machine hood or packing machine with stretch film.

The system to recover the production waste and edge
trim for stone wool production line
The Gamma Meccanica SpA waste recovery system aims to improve the overall efficiency of the production line (economic advantage), recovery and recycling of fiber waste.
The waste retrieval allows the edge to be generated during trimming and grinding directly into the chamber forming or replacing a silo.
Liquids can be extracted with a solution, scale, allowing the right amount of waste to be put into the product, optimizing mixing and avoiding products of poor quality and low mechanical properties.

The production scrap, defective sheets or large wool from the main line, is also recovered and milled by an independent unit processing the material converting it into pieces and bringing it to the same dump.
The material does not pass through the fan, so they are not exposed to the material, limiting the wear to the minimum.

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