Truck tire manufacturing-Equipment,technology-Netherlands

Truck tire manufacturing-Equipment,technology-Netherlands
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Tire construction, washing machines, control systems and product handling systems
The TKH production system perfected its technology through decades of growth and innovation. Our continuous efforts to overcome this competition have helped us to create the most efficient machines in the world. Today, TKH's production system has expanded to include four diverse and specialized businesses - each with a solid reputation in the market.

Tires - With decades of experience, TKH's production systems have developed and refined the manufacturing technology needed to produce high-grade radial transport vehicles, light trucks, full circle trucks. tires, bus tires and off-the-road tires (OTR).
Can - Another specialized business, TKH has more than 40 years of experience in building and renovating food processing equipment and beverage industry can be. Including washing machines, dryers and washing machines designed with a view - with a view of new market trends and needs.
Rubber - This product line designs, manufactures and supplies non-curing rubber processing equipment. These advanced and proven systems include battery and gear extruders, filters, mixers, cleaners, stackers, feeders, cutters and truck and bus tires. .

Care - Our specialists create robotic and automated systems and machinery - used in the cosmetics industry to produce and pack all types of cotton. We also design and manufacture care systems in the manufacturing and packaging process in the pharmaceutical industry.

In modern companies, everything revolves around insight. Into customer demand, process and performance. TKH provided with the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) TKH provides a complete system for automatic production. MES filters data from the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and converts this data into information for automated production systems. And vice versa. In this
way all employees have relevant information about raw materials, manpower and machinery. Moreover: the system is prepared for the most stringent requirements on tracking and tracing, so that raw materials are easily tracked.

EXXIUM is based on VMI MAXX Technology® technology and combines high production efficiency and tire quality with the flexibility to handle a wide range of tire designs.

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